9 Brand New Turnkey Kits

About a year ago, in an effort to introduce rod building to brand new builders, Mud Hole decided to introduce a Turn Key option into our already popular kits.

With a 200+ page catalog and a seemingly endless website full of tools, components and blanks we wanted to simplify the selection process. So, with just a handful of Turn Key kits available we rolled out the option on the website and the kits were an instant success. After checking some of the initial numbers we began noticing that not only were new builders buying the Turnkey kits but established builders were as well. We found that those who maybe had been building previously and for one reason or another got out of building rods, were using the turn key kits to get back into building.

Popular Rod Building Kits


Upgrading Rod Kits

As customers purchased the kits we were also hearing from them about an upgraded version with an MHX blank and higher end guides. We responded and our customers jumped on them. It has been Mud Holes policy to provide best in the industry customer service and suggestions and request from customers is something we take very seriously.


As the kits evolved we increased the purchase options to include Winn Grips or various component options our customers were requesting but the ultimate move was yet to come. Enter the all-new Turnkey rod kit selection tool. You can jump on our website and head to the custom turnkey rod kits and select from a technique category like freshwater, inshore, 2-Piece…etc

All New Custom Turnkey Kits


For example if you choose the Freshwater category it takes you the selection tool to build your own custom kit.options


Choose your Bank Color

Right out of the gate you can choose from 8 different colors, from the slate grey to a number of metallic options. The metallic blanks are from our most popular MHX blanks with a durable automotive coating and a UV clear.

Choose your Components

Next, choose your components! All MHX Turnkey kits come with the Elite CRB guide sets featuring a 316 SS frame with a deep pressed, braid proof, Zirconium Oxide ring in either black or chrome. For your handle options we have both EVA and Cork in either full or split grip configuration.

Finally, grab the equipment in the proper 110v or 220v for your countries setup and you are done.

Technique Specific Turnkey Kits

We have put together 9 new turnkey kits ranging from $159.99 to $209.99 that cover the most common fishing applications. Freshwater to Salt and Offshore to Ice fishing, the new Turnkey kits have something for everyone.

Don’t forget, since we have taken the guesswork out of choosing a blank and all the components, this makes a great gift for your favorite angler. Choose the CRB 2pc. Freshwater as a great Holiday Gift! It comes in one box for easy wrapping and fits under your tree!