6 Reasons to Start Building Custom Fishing Rods

Need a push to add rod builder to your resumé? Read our 6 reasons why you need to start building your own custom fishing rods.

Fish with the Benefits of Rod Building

When browsing for a fishing rod that’s already finished, it’s hard to find exactly what you want.

Maybe the handle feels off, you might prefer different guides, or the rod blank itself isn’t true to the advertised specs, but still you end up walking out with a rod that’s just good enough and at a price that’s not good at all.

Whether you fish mostly on the weekends or are lucky enough to find time each day, you and that rod will end up spending a lot of quality time together.

So if you’re tired of talking about the one that got away—on the rod that just doesn’t feel right—then it sounds like you’re ready to build your own rod and upgrade your experience on the water.

The best way to find the your new favorite fishing rod is to just build it yourself, so let’s talk a little more about rod building.

Why Choose All-in-One Turnkey Rod Building Kits?

There are obviously many parts involved in rod building. The rod blank and the components are one thing, but the tools and supplies to put everything together too… it seems like a lot.

But what if there was one order—just a single purchase—to receive all of these rod building products bundled together?

Well, that’s a great deal, especially when the final product is a custom fishing rod built by YOU and for YOU. Not to mention you’ll have all the knowledge, experience, and resources you need to build more!

Fine-tuning your fishing rods to meet the demands of your fishing application is a boost like no other, but if you need more convincing…

1. Rod Blanks Engineered for Your Fishing

If you prefer fishing for a certain species, using a specific technique or lure, or bouncing between applications, we have the best rod blank to help you catch ‘em.

Organized by series, applications, and specifications, our blank selection is second to none.

Not only can you pick the blank designed for the perfect performance, but with the site navigation dedicated to your fishing interests, it will be just as easy to find.

Choose Your Rod Blank and Color

Get the blank that’s engineered to dominate in your fishing environment and then choose the color you want to show off on the water.

From metallic and matte to gloss and satin black, most of the rod blanks come with cool color choices to look as good as they fish.

2. Add Rod Components of Your Choice

How many times have you liked a rod blank, but were lost on the guides, grips, and other rod components?

If you’re an avid angler and you know what you’re looking for in high-quality components, stop settling for what’s available on the shelves.

Instead, customize the components to fit your preferences in performance and appearance.

Select the Best in Components for Your Favorite Rod

Rod building is all about gearing the rod up to be your best bet in a given application and if the rod looks great doing it, well that’s a huge plus too!

From the guides and guide layout to the grips, reel seat, and overall handle assembly, premium components are available to you with the click of a button.

3. Customize Grips to Maximize Comfort

Like choosing rod components, picking out the grip style and material for your rod is a great way to tailor the rod to your preferences.

Let’s say you like cork, but don’t want a full grip. Easy, just choose the option for cork split-grip.

The same goes for EVA options and so much more!

Build the Handle You Always Wanted

Considering how much contact you will make with the rod’s handle, you want to customize it to suit your needs in performance as well as appearance.

Whether you like the comfort of a specific material, want to decrease weight in the butt end, or just like the appeal of a certain handle setup, all the grip options are easy to customize and readily available to you.

4. Increase Rod Efficiency on the Water

Since you choose all the parts that become your finished fishing rod, you can select cutting edge options that bring more effective benefits.

Whether obvious ones like for casting and comfort, or more subtle bonuses like minimizing weight and balancing the rod, rod building helps you in more ways than one on the water.

Lightweight Rods You Have to Feel

For instance, if you go with the popular MHX brand, you do so knowing that MHX rod blanks are typically 40% lighter than other comparable rod blanks. By tactically engineering more sensitivity and strength where the blank needs it most, MHX designs rods that you truly have to fish to believe.

This is just one example, but with rod building, the point is you can eliminate excess weight and boost performance with a lightweight rod that doesn’t weigh down your fishing trip.

5. Balanced Rods Just Feel Better

A huge benefit that is often overlooked, rod balance is an excellent improvement that only rod building can truly bring.

Balancing a rod isn’t hard and the benefits far outweigh the few extra minutes it takes to establish. Rod balance comes when the weight in the handle equates to the distributed weight from the top of the handle up to the rod tip.

When done correctly, you can support the entire rod with just one finger.

A Well Balanced Rod Will Fish All Day

Since a balanced rod feels virtually weightless in your hand, you can outlast the day and take advantage of all your time on the water.

Fishing without the normal fatigue makes the experience more enjoyable and help you stay on the water longer to catch more fish.

6. Upgrade Your Fishing Performance

So if you’re adding this up along the way, rod building helps you use only the best rod blanks, choose the perfect components, customize the rod grips, improve fishing efficiency, AND balance the rod.

Is this TOO good to be true?


Just consider how all of these factors will in turn affect your fishing performance… Improving sensitivity, increasing strength, finding balance, and adding unbelievable comfort, all lead to maximizing your performance with the rod you built to do just that.

You are in control throughout the process and when you look at it that way, rod building is no joke and it actually makes more sense than most anglers realize.

The Best Way to Start Rod Building

If rod building has always been on top of your bucket list, but you want an easy, cost effective way to start, the all-in-one turnkey rod building kits are the perfect fit.

Popular for beginning and advanced rod builders alike, the Custom Turnkey Rod Building Kits are engineered to answer the demands of 12 different fishing applications.

How Turnkey Rod Building Kits Work

These amazing turnkey rod kits are fully customizable, so you are actually configuring and building the rod kit as you order it.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3…

1. Choose your rod blank & component colors!

2. Customize your handle material & grip styles!

3. Includes all the tools & supplies you will need:

Each turnkey rod building kit includes everything you need to build your own custom fishing rod.

From the fishing rod blank, to the components and supplies, we have bundled everything you need in one convenient kit. Just choose which rod building kit fits your application, and you will be building your custom fishing rod in no time.

Choose your Turnkey Rod Building Kit below:

Turnkey Kits Designed by Fishing Application

Engineered by fishing application, each turnkey kit features all the components, tools, and supplies necessary to build yourself the optimal custom fishing rod.

MHX Freshwater Turnkey Rod Kits

CRB Freshwater Turnkey Rod Kits

MHX Inshore Turnkey Rod Kits

MHX Light Freshwater Turnkey Rod Kits

MHX Turnkey Fly Rod Building Kits

CRB 2-Piece Freshwater Turnkey Rod Kits

MHX Turnkey Ice Rod Kits

MHX Heavy Freshwater Turnkey Rod Kits

MHX Saltwater Turnkey Rod Kits

John Cox Signature Flippin’ & Pitchin’ Turnkey Kit

Brandon Lester Signature Bass Fishing Turnkey Kit

Bradley Roy Signature Bass Fishing Turnkey Kit

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