5 Ways to Find Your New Favorite Fishing Rod

We’ve made finding your new favorite fishing rod a foolproof science with rod kits assorted by fishing application to meet your specific needs as an angler. From freshwater and saltwater kits, to fly, ice, and more, there are so many rod kits waiting for you to customize them into your new go-to fishing rod.

Tips for Selecting the Right Fishing Rod for You

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The performance of a fishing rod essentially comes down to a few key points.

Mainly, the specifications of the rod blank, the integrity of the rod’s components, and the quality with which the two are built together.

The good news is that with rod building and these well-developed application rod kits from Mud Hole, you have the utmost control over each of these factors.

We’ve worked diligently to design a variety of application rod building kits that give any and every angler access to exclusive high end components and performance driven rod blanks that are all organized based on some of the most lethal lures, the most exciting species, the most rewarding fisheries, and much, much more.

Now—let’s get to how we help anglers worldwide build their best fishing rod.

Quick Review: Rod Blank Specifications

With rod specifications, or specs, there are many things to consider. This includes line ratings, lure weights, length, and fishing application.

Although all of these are important, there are two areas that are crucial to achieving the performance you’re looking for on the water—rod action and power.

The “action” of a rod is determined by where a rod flexes along the blank as well as how long it takes a loaded blank to return back to a resting or static position.

Rod-Actions-rod-buildingIn other words, extra-fast and fast action rods will flex mostly near the tip and quickly return to rest. While Moderate action rods will flex more near the middle of the blank and take a little longer to unload, and slower action rods tend to flex down into the butt section and will take the longest to go from loaded back to a static position.

On the other hand, the “power” of a rod refers to how much pressure it takes to flex the rod. The scale of rod powers helps efficiently handle a certain range of lure weights and line sizes, as well as prepare you to better manage the fight of certain fish and the elements of your environment.

To choose the right rod power that performs best for you, narrow your choices to rods designed to cast the weight of lures and sizes of lines that you’ll fish most often.

Generally, fishing rod powers can be classified from lightest to strongest as follows: Ultra-Light (UL), Light (L), Medium Light (ML), Medium (M), Medium Heavy (MH), Heavy (H), and Extra Heavy (XH).

As this scale implies, the more power your fishing application requires, the further down the list you should look. For instance, if you are fishing for Panfish, an Ultra-Light will be ideal because it will fish light line and lures well, while also keeping you from overpowering these smaller fish.

In contrast, if you are cut baiting for species like catfish, choose a Heavy power that will handle heavier lines and also have enough backbone to manage the biggest thrashing blue catfish.

Between action and power, you will hear some of the industry’s most recognized talents butcher their rod’s specs with sayings like “heavy actions” or “moderate powers,” which can complicate your understanding of fishing rods.

But now, you’ll know the truth and be able to decipher what they truly mean!

Tip #1: Build a Rod for Popular Lures & Techniques


– Crankbait Fishing Rods –

One of the most successful lures in fishing, crankbaits are definitely popular for a reason.

From their ability to dive down in the water, to their razor sharp treble hooks, crankbaits are known to entice strikes, but the right rod will truly unlock the potential of your favorite crankbait to catch fish.

Whether it’s a shallow or deep diving crankbait, the MHX Classic Crankbait Casting Rod Kit features lengths from 6’6” up to 7’6” to offer the ideal casting distance it takes for crankbaits to get down to fish and maximize the time the lure spends in the strike zone.

It’s simple, with more time in the strike zone—you’ll get way more strikes!

Available in medium, med-heavy, and heavy powers, you can choose what makes sense with your crankbait and of course, your line. Plus, each blank has a mod-fast action that helps flex and absorb shock, which translates to better hooksets that keep treble hooks buttoned up on even the biggest bass.

Included Crankbait Rod Components:

  • High Performance MHX Crankbait Rod Blank
  • Fuji Alconite KW Guides and Tip Top
  • Fuji PTS or SK2 Reel Seat with Hidden Thread Sleeve
  • EVA foam or Super Grade Cork Grips
  • Winding Checks and Trim Parts Sized to Fit

– Spinnerbait Fishing Rods –

Similar in popularity, spinnerbaits are lethal all over the world because they brilliantly simulate bait fish and demand strikes from any fish nearby. As the various blades of a spinnerbait create a vibrations and flashes in the water, fish simply have to take a bite.

Whether running spinnerbaits through grass, along weed lines, or in open water, the MHX Classic Spinnerbait Casting Rod Kits and MHX Elite Pro Spinnerbait Casting Rod Kits offer the most masterful selection of spinnerbait rods on the market.

With a variety of lengths from 6’6” up to 7’3”, you can build a spinnerbait rod to pinpoint casts or cast that spinner a country mile. Using medium and medium-heavy powers, these rods will allow you to work along or through moderate cover with ease, while the extra-fast and fast actions help sense strikes and quickly set the hook.

If you love fishing spinnerbaits, there is no doubt these kits feature your new favorite rod!

Included Spinnerbait Rod Components:

  • High Performance MHX Spinnerbait or Elite Pro Series Rod Blank
  • Fuji Alconite KW Guides and Tip Top
  • Fuji PTS or SK2 Reel Seat with Hidden Thread Sleeve
  • EVA foam or Super Grade Cork Grips
  • Winding Checks and Trim Parts Sized to Fit

– Topwater Fishing Rods –

It is very tough to beat the excitement of a good topwater take. The cast lands—you hold your breath as the ripples spread and then pop your lure on the top—one, two… WHAM!

The fight is on, and hopefully, you have the right rod to handle it. Topwater lures are a blast to fish from freshwater to saltwater and everywhere in between. These MHX Topwater Casting and Spinning Rod Kits feature all the performance driven rod blanks and high quality components you need to maximize your success with every topwater lure imaginable.

Simply choose your preference, casting or spinning, and what rod blank you want from Classic Topwater: Casting or Spinning, Elite Pro Topwater: Casting or Spinning, and Elite-X Topwater: Casting or Spinning.

Ranging from medium-light to medium-heavy, you can pick the perfect power without worrying about having too much for some species, or selling yourself short for the fight of your life. Then, these MHX Topwater Rods bring a fast action that’s ultra-responsive to effectively work lures and set the hook in a fraction of a second.

Customizing your own rod is a surefire path to the biggest topwater explosions and all the trophy fish you can handle!

Included Topwater Rod Components:

  • High Performance MHX Topwater, Elite Pro Series, or Elite-X Rod Blank
  • Fuji Alconite KW or KL-H Guides and Matching Tip Top
  • Fuji VSS or SK2 Reel Seat with Hidden Thread Sleeve
  • EVA foam or Super Grade Cork Grips
  • Winding Checks and Trim Parts Sized to Fit

– Worm and Jig Fishing Rods –

Seriously, who doesn’t fish a worm or jig?

Arguably the most classic and original out there, worms and jigs make up a large majority of the most popular lures simply because they will work from now until the end of time. You may think, “I don’t need anything fancy to fish a worm,” but we promise any one of the rods in our MHX Worm and Jig Rod Casting Rod Kits will get the job done far better than you thought possible.

From sensitivity and strength, to the ideal lengths and lightweight you need to beat fatigue, these worm and jig rods are built for superior performance whether you’re fishing bass tournaments, or chasing trophies on the weekend.

There are lengths up to 7’6” to make longer casts and pick up more line, especially with Carolina rigs, and shorter lengths down to 6’6” for more precise casts with senkos, jigs, and more. With responsive fast actions and medium-heavy to heavy powers for the perfect backbone, you just can’t beat the performance driven design of the MHX Worm and Jig Rod Kits!

Included Worm and Jig Rod Components:

  • High Performance MHX Worm and Jig, Elite Pro Series, or Elite-X Rod Blank
  • Fuji Alconite KW Guides and Tip Top
  • Fuji PTS or SK2 Reel Seat with Hidden Thread Sleeve
  • EVA foam or Super Grade Cork Grips
  • Winding Checks and Trim Parts Sized to Fit

Try Application Rod Kits by Techniques:

– Drop Shot Fishing Rods –

Once you find success with the drop shot technique, it’s hard to stop catching ‘em, and these MHX Drop Shot Rod Kits are developed to make the most of your time on the water.

From rod blanks like the Classic Drop Shot Spinning models, to the incredible Elite Pro and Elite-X Series blanks, you will get superior sensitivity and strength to capitalize on each and every strike down deep.

Catch your new personal best smallmouth with our excellent Drop Shot Application Rod Kits!

Included Drop Shot Rod Components:

  • High Performance MHX Drop Shot, Elite Pro Series, or Elite-X Rod Blank
  • Fuji Alconite KL-H Guides and Tip Top
  • Fuji VSS or SK2 Reel Seat with Hidden Thread Sleeve
  • EVA foam or Super Grade Cork Grips
  • Winding Checks and Trim Parts Sized to Fit

– Finesse Fishing Rods –

Designed with the sensitivity and feel that finesse applications demand, these MHX Finesse Rod Kits put high performance right in your palm.

Whether fishing light jigs, senkos, or wacky rigs, select from the performance driven rod blanks engineered by MHX that match the ultimate rod specifications directly to your finesse applications.

Plus, each kit features the high end components you want to truly enhance your custom rod and finesse fishing experience!

Included Finesse Rod Components:

  • High Performance MHX Finesse, Elite Pro Series, or Elite-X Rod Blank
  • Fuji Alconite KL-H Guides and Tip Top
  • Fuji VSS or SK2 Reel Seat with Hidden Thread Sleeve
  • EVA foam or Super Grade Cork Grips
  • Winding Checks and Trim Parts Sized to Fit

– Flipping & Pitching Fishing Rods –

It’s no secret that flipping and pitching baits often leads to big fish, so get in on all the fun with our MHX Flipping & Pitching Rod Kits. Unlike most broom sticks out there, the rod blanks in these kits bring unmatched sensitivity and strength straight to you.

Engineered and selected for superior performance, these rod kits bring the ideal combination of length, strength, and high-quality components to dominate your flipping applications.

Featuring the best of the best in flipping and pitching blanks from world renowned MHX Rods, choose the rod specifications that suit your fishing style from flipping jigs and creatures, to stickbaits and more.

And each kit includes the finest options in components to give you the performance driven fishing rod you’ve always dreamed of!

Included Flipping Rod Components:

  • High Performance MHX Flipping, Elite Pro Series, or Elite-X Rod Blank
  • Fuji Alconite KW Guides and Tip Top
  • Fuji PTS or SK2 Reel Seat with Hidden Thread Sleeve
  • EVA foam or Super Grade Cork Grips
  • Winding Checks and Trim Parts Sized to Fit

Tip #2: Versatile Rods for General Fishing Applications


– Freshwater Fishing Rods –

If you enjoy a variety of freshwater fishing applications, these Rod Kits have you covered!

Short rods, tall rods, thick rods, or skinny rods – we carry the largest inventory of freshwater fishing rod building kits from MHX, CRB, and more.

Plus, we also have the largest selection of color options available, so you can build a true custom rod from performance to appearance!

– Ice Fishing Rods –

With the largest selection of ice fishing rod building kits available, we are confident you will find an ice rod kit that is going to be perfect for your particular hard water fishing application.

Whether it is vertical jigging spoons for yellow perch, targeting Walleye with multiple bait holes, or dropping large shiners for giant musky, we are your one stop ice fishing supplier!

Plus, all rod kits come with a rod blank, high quality reel seat, perfectly matched rod guides and tip top, and superior grade handle assemblies.

– Fly Fishing Rods –

Whether you are building a traditional fly fishing rod, or doing a custom rod build for Spey or Switch applications, we carry a variety of fly fishing rod building kits from top brands including MHX, Temple Fork, and more.

Pricing and options also vary to accommodate beginner to advanced techniques, preferences, and budgets. Not to mention, all fly rod kits come with a performance driven rod blank, high quality reel seat, perfectly matched rod guides and tip top, and superior grade handle assemblies.

Let’s admit that fly fishing is far more tranquil when you’re actually catching fish and these are the kits developed to guarantee you’re prepared to make all the best memories on the water!

– Saltwater Fishing Rods –

If you are building an offshore fishing rod capable of pulling up any giant game fish from the depths, you need to browse our selection of saltwater rod kits from MHX, CRB, American Tackle, Temple Fork, and more.

We have rod kits for all saltwater applications including trolling, tuna, billfish, vertical jigging, stand-up tuna, live bait, and offshore popping.

So don’t wait, build your best offshore rod without breaking the bank or your blank now!

Tip #3: Dial-In Rods for Targeting Species


– Walleye Fishing Rods –

For the dedicated Walleye angler we have built specific kits featuring MHX rod blanks, CRB Elite guide sets and options with full length and split grips in EVA, Super Grade Cork and Winn Polymer.

Reaching out to our Field Staff for their advice on the techniques we honed in like: Jig Rap, Finesse Jig, Bottom Bouncer, Jig, Live bait, and Trolling.

All walleye kits come with a rod blank, high quality reel seat, perfectly matched rod guides and tip top, and superior grade handle assemblies.

– Trout & Panfish Fishing Rods –

If you love going after panfish and small game, then you will love building your own fishing rod to catch them. It takes the right rod to maximize the rewards of trout and panfish fishing applications, so take advantage of our expertly developed small game rod kits.

Build it and fish it your way – and catch trophy Crappie, Bluegill, Perch and even Trout!

– Salmon & Steelhead Fishing Rods –

Looking for your ideal Float rod? Or maybe a powerful yet sensitive drift rod?

Salmon anglers and Steelheaders rejoice! We have picked out the top MHX blanks in your category to provide rod building kits that help you build a better rod and catch more fish.

Choose your category from Salmon, Steelhead or Hotshot, then select the MHX Blank that best fits your fishing style. Plus, you get access to the perfect handle components, guides, and accessories to outfit your rod with the leading components!

It has never been this easy to build your own custom Salmon & Steelhead rod, so get to building…

Tip #4: Assemble the Ideal Travel Fishing Rod


– Travel Fishing Rods –

If you’re taking a fishing trip, or just slipping away from family vacation to make it one, we have the premier selection of Travel Fishing Rod Kits to build you the best travel rod for your destination fishing.

Whether you’re heading to Florida, the Bahamas, or any other body of water in the world, our selection of multi-piece rod blanks is designed to travel with you—without ever sacrificing performance.

Some anglers are lucky enough to take fishing trips, others may find themselves sneaking off to make their family trip into one… Regardless of how you get to the water, be prepared with the performance to catch fish anywhere in the world!

Tip #5: Pick the Rod Performance of Professionals

Do you want to fish with the same custom rods that Mud Hole and MHX professional fisherman use to catch bigguns across the country on the MLF Bass Pro Tour? Then these Pro Tour Rod Building Kits are for you!

From startup turnkey kits that include all the parts, tools and equipment you need, to individual rod kits where all the components are already perfectly sized and matched for you, there is something for everyone.

– MLF Pro Terry “Big Show” Scroggins’ Pro Tour Rods –

MLF Pro, Terry Scroggins knows exactly what he’s looking for in his fishing rods and by building them himself—he gets it every time!

The Florida native has a range of MHX Rods ready to tackle any big bass that bites. Whether using worms, crankbaits, and jerkbaits, fishing more flippin’ and pitchin’ applications, or even looking for some all-purpose rods that can truly do it all, Terry has built the professional lineup his boat needs to chase first place across the country.

Build the same MHX Pro Tour Rods that Terry “Big Show” Scroggins will fish on Major League Fishing’s Bass Pro Tour.

Choose the Rod Kit to Catch Your Dream Fish

Well if you made it this far—we have certainly covered a wide variety of fishing applications and an even wider variety of rod building kits.

The truth is: If you can dream it, you can build it—and we are here to help!

TIP: If you don’t see an option that suits your style of fishing, send an email to support@mudhole.com for help finding one that does.

We hope you have a better understanding of the demands to expect from your fishing rod, and why building rods is the proven path way to the ultimate performance on the water.

Shop our Application Rod Kits now to build your new favorite fishing rod!