4 Great Ways to Refine Your Rod Builds

Discover some insider tips for customizing your rod builds and adding value to each fishing rod you produce, plus an exclusive sneak peek at Mud Hole Live: Dress Up Your Rod Builds!

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The beauty of rod building lies in the ability to not only customize the performance of your fishing rod, but also its appearance.

Watch this episode of Mud Hole Live to get exclusive demos, tips, and tricks for advanced decorative techniques that rod builders use to maximize their rod’s “WOW” factor… Learn about cool thread tricks for butt wraps as well as easy ways to install rod skinz and add stunning abalone shell—ALL ON Mud Hole Live: Dress Up Your Rod Builds!

Top 4 Ways to Add Value to Each Fishing Rod:

Personalizing the look of a fishing rod actually increases the value of each rod and often adds more customers contacting your rod building business.

Learn some easy ways to boost your rod building sales below!

1. Use Custom Abalone Shell

Adding abalone to any custom fishing rod instantly upgrades its final look with a sharp and professional decoration. When installed and finished correctly, abalone is easy to work with and brings an incredible look on the water.

Plus, it’s easy to add in just 5 simple steps!

2. Try Dragon Scale Thread Wraps

Dragon scale thread wraps are popular in rod building because it is a visually stunning thread application that provides plenty of potential for customization.

Producing striking visuals with a rather simple technique, dragon wraps are worth learning to boost your rod builds and free up more of your spare time.

Check out these easy ways to add dragon scale wraps!

3. Add Easy to Install Rod Skinz

Have a favorite rod that needs a little extra TLC in the looks department? Enhance your custom rod’s appearance in 3 quick steps with Rod Skinz!

From the scales of your favorite fish, to American themes, mermaids, flames, and more, rod skinz come in a wide variety to help any rod builder find the perfect custom decal for their fishing rod.

And it only takes 3 quick steps!

OR Customize Your Own Rod Skinz now!

4. Customize a Butt Wrap

Butt Wraps are where creativity meets patience to produce some wildly artful designs on custom fishing rods.

From chevrons and cross patterns, to fish scales and many more, butt wraps are an awesome way to make your rod building skills stand out and your custom rods really WOW!

Check out the incredible custom butt wraps below:

CRB Butt Wrap Alignment Tool

Adding a butt wrap immediately turns a finished fishing rod into a custom masterpiece. But then again, basic and intricate butt wraps alike, take a great deal of patience, precision, and of course, planning to complete.

Many rod builders, backed by a variety of experience, want to tackle their own butt wraps, so CRB developed and manufactured the all-new Butt Wrap Alignment Tool to help. The CRB Butt Alignment Tool, or BWAT is the ultimate aide when laying out and aligning any decorative butt wraps.

From the straight edge that keeps the butt wrap centered to the custom embossed ruler that accurately measures out threadwork with ease, the BWAT is incredibly valuable in any rod building work station.

 Learn more about the Butt Wrap Alignment Tool in our blog:

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