Rod Building’s 3 Reasons to Fish Winn Split Grips

The texture and performance of Winn’s patented WinnDry Polymer technology is hard to beat on a custom fishing rod, but now made with a solid or two tone camo polymer, you can get Winn Split Grips with cool style upgrade to match.

Grab the Advantages of Winn Split Grips

Although making their name from trusty golf and tennis grips, Winn soon found the keen performance advantages of their grips outperform most handles in the sport of fishing. Many rod builders find that upgrading their grips to the texture, performance, and style of the Winn Solid Split Grips and Winn Camo Split Grips, in turn makes their rod look and fish better than ever before.

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1. The Technology Behind the Texture

Using Winn’s patented WinnDry Polymer Technology, the resulting fishing grips have a lightweight, yet firm feel. Since a balance between comfort and performance is ideal in any handle assembly, Winn engineered these grips with incredible ratings for both.

The feel of these grips is enhanced even further by its unique hexagon scale texture that works to quickly shed water and keep your hand from slipping off the grip. Not only does the texture help whisk away water, but the contact with water activates the polymer to increase its tackiness.

Tactically improving in the face of the harshest weather conditions, these Winn Grips rely on the WinnDry Polymer Technology and its textured design are awesome on any water.

2. Feel the Uncompromising Performance

Varying in size and taper yet consistent in texture and performance, Winn’s Split Grips get the job done regardless of application. Whether with a casting or spinning setup, these grips make for a lightweight and comfortable handle that stands up to harshest weather and the biggest fish.

Really putting pressure on pinned down fish, these Winn grips not only whisk away water to maintain traction on the grip, t also help control every minute of the fight. Let’s be honest, hooking a big fish is fun, but landing that fish despite brutal conditions always beats any story with the opposite ending.

Watch the Mud Hole guys talk about the New Solid Colored Winn Grips:

Boasting a performance that doesn’t quit, Winn Grips immediately upgrade your fishing rod and your experience.

3. Upgrade any Handle’s Style

Considering the technology and performance that comes with the Winn Split Grips, what more could you possibly want? How about a variety of camo colors that really pop on your fishing rod!

While the performance is the major benefit, customizing your rod build is what makes it fun. For instance, coordinating your Winn Grips with the colors of your thread wraps is easy. Just choose from these popular combinations: Black/Chartreuse, Blue/Black, Charcoal/Black, Chartreuse/Black, and Red/Black.

Check out the cool new Camo Winn Split Grips below:

Catch the incredible performance of Solid Winn Split Grips and Camo Winn Split Grips, and dominate the weather and the fish…in style!