3 Reasons to Add Quick Custom Rod Decals

These quick rod decal kits feature fast application to easily customize any fishing rod in no time!

Why Choose Fast Application Rod Decals

Want to add a custom decal to your fishing rod, but don’t have a rod dryer or enough time, then these quick Rod Decal Kits are designed for you.

Simply using the clear two-part epoxy ProGlu and your hand to rotate the blank, you can add your favorite decals faster than ever. Since ProGlu was designed by rod builders for rod builders, this proprietary epoxy formula was engineered to dry quickly yet clearly for superior adhesion and longevity over the life of your rod.

1. Custom Text Decal Kits

Whether you are travelling and want your identification information on your rod, or just want to add that perfect personal touch to a fishing rod as a gift, these Custom Text Decal Kits are your best bet. With three lines and text sizes (small, medium, or large) to work with, you can order these peel and stick decals in three awesome accenting colors, Metallic Gold, Silver, or White.

Just select what size decal you want and use up to 3 lines of custom text, you can even choose individual fonts for each line.

When it comes to size, small decals are 3/8″ high and suitable for fly rods or spinning and casting rods less than 12# line class, medium decals are 1/2″ height and suitable for 12# to 30# line class rods and fly rods over 10 weight, and the large decals are 3/4″ height and suitable for rods over 30# line class. All decals are approximately 1″ to 1-1/2″ long depending on the amount of text.

Tips to order your Custom Text Decal Kit:

First, select the size decal you want: Small (3/8″h), Medium (1/2″h) or Large (3/4″h) from the pull-down menu above.

Next, choose the font for the first line of text from the pull-down menu above.

Then, enter the text for the first line above.

Finally, repeat step #2 & #3 for lines 2 and 3 of text.

Note: Make sure you verify spelling and leave line(s) blank if you do not need it.

Easily customize any fishing rod in no time with these fast application custom text decal kits. Each kit comes with all the supplies you will need to add that custom touch to any fishing rod in just minutes!

2. Game Fish Decal Kits

Building a custom rod to catch your target game fish? Add some good luck to your rod with your own Game Fish Decal!

These full color, laser cut game fish rod decals are approximately 2″ x 1″ and can be placed directly on fishing rod (decals are self-adhesive) then finished with epoxy.

This fast application game fish decal kit includes all the supplies you need to add an awesome custom touch right to your rod and takes just minutes to complete.

Just choose from our vast selection of over 60+ types of freshwater and saltwater game fish and finish it on your favorite game fish rod.

3. College Decal Kits

Now you can sport your favorite college team on your custom rod. Choose from 57 of the most popular college teams in this College Rod Decal Kit.

These officially licensed full color college decals are printed with UV resistant inks and feature “laser cut” edges with a thin white margin around the contour to provide contrast against your rod blank. Each decals measure approximately 5/8″ to be suitable for all freshwater, fly, and inshore rods.

Whether your alma mater is in the ACC, SEC, Big 12, Big East, Big 10, AAC, CUSA, MAC, MWC, Pac 10, SEC, WAC, or even independent, custom college decals add the best blast from the past right to your rod.


With fast and easy application, you can give these awesome decals the ol’ college try on your custom fishing rod!

Application Instructions:

Mix equal parts (1:1 ratio) of Part A Resin & Part B Hardener thoroughly for 3 minutes. Next pour the mixture into an aluminum dish to release any remaining air bubbles. While the epoxy’s air bubbles are released, place the decal on your rod blank and smooth it out with the burnishing tool.

Keep in mind ProGlu’s ideal working temperature is 70-80 ̊ F.

When the decal is ready to be epoxied, apply a smooth, even amount of epoxy over the decal and rod blank. After the decal is epoxied, slowly rotate the blank with your hand for 10-15 minutes depending on the amount used and stop once the epoxy doesn’t sag.

Allow 40 minutes to cure after application and your custom decal is ready to go.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

1. Apply decal to rod.
2. Mix the 2-part epoxy in a cup and transfer to application tray.
3. Brush the epoxy over the decal and turn for 10-15 minutes.

That’s it! Which Rod Decal Kit is right for you?