3 Custom Rod Building Ideas for Paint Pens

Easily add signatures, quotes, and greetings to your custom fishing rods with these awesome metallic paint pens.

Putting the Perfect Personal Touch on Your Rod

Available in metallic gold and silver, the Pilot X-Fine Pen relies on its fine point and metallic colors to add awesome custom text to any rod blank. The metallic silver and gold colors really pop on any dark colored rod blank, so read more to see what you can do with a paint pen.

Here are 3 Ideas for adding handwritten text on your blank:

1. Adding Your Signature to Rod Builds

Whether you’re a rod builder for business, pleasure, or a little bit of both, the paint pens are perfect to add your authentic signature right to the rod blank. A huge part of custom rod building is how unique and appealing you make your finished fishing rods.

Adding your signature with a paint pen is the ultimate way to personalize each rod build. Not only is your signature unique to you, but it’s also going to be one of a kind with rod build.

Signing each rod gives your friends, family, and customers the perfect personal, yet professional touch that reminds them not only who built it, but who to trust for next time.

2. Including Your Favorite Fishing Quote

If you are a competitive angler or a weekend warrior, chances are you’ve heard plenty of fishing quotes and from those quotes, we’ll bet you have a favorite!

Fishing quotes often display a range of reflections. Some make you laugh, some make you think, and others make you look up in wonder, but like fishing itself, all fishing quotes share in the ability to inspire.

With the paint pens, you can inspire others or even yourself by writing any quote directly on the rod blank. Whether it’s your favorite pro’s catchphrase or your father’s ol’ adage, use the paint pen to remind you what’s important and why you’re out on the water in the first place.

3. Writing a Special Message for Gifts

From “Go get ‘em” and “Go gig ‘em” to other words of angling encouragement, a personal message handwritten on a fishing rod adds that extra effort to any custom rod gift. Personalizing a rod blank and even a gaff or gig blank is as easy as it is awesome when you use this Pilot X-Fine Pen.

Check out this custom gaff below with a handwritten message along the blank:

These words of encouragement go a long way when you’re out fishing and need that subtle reminder of what the sport is all about.

Finishing Custom Pen Work

In addition to the manufacturer instructions for using the pen itself, follow the tips below to ensure finishing your handwritten text goes as smooth as expected.

Tips to keep in mind when finishing over paint pen:
• Allow the pen ample time to dry, generally a day or two is a safe bet.
• Use a two-part epoxy finish, like ProKote, to avoid damaging the paint.
• Cover the entire text with finish and give it a full day to cure before hitting the water.

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