10 Patriotic Fishing Rods to Salute this July 4th

Combining pride in country and custom rod building, these are 10 amazing patriotic fishing rods that you must see this 4th of July.

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10 Custom Fishing Rods Built for America

The best part of custom rod building is all the possibilities. Personalizing each component to match your preferences, rod building gives you the tools you need to bring your dream fishing rod to life.

The pride of catching a fish on a rod you built is incredibly rewarding, especially when you add some red, white, and blue!

All pictures were taken from www.fishingphotos.net, make an account and upload your custom rods with the hash tag #FishCustom for a chance to be featured next.

Check out these 10 Patriotic Custom Fishing Rods made in the USA:

1. American Fish Thread Wrap

Uploaded by sasha8244

By wrapping the American flag into a fish, this custom fishing rod uses ProWrap ColorFast rod winding thread to highlight their passion for fishing and their unwavering sense of patriotism. This ProWrap Thread is the new standard in custom rod building and this example shows why.

In development for over a year and rigorously tested by rod builders, ProWrap ColorFast thread features strong tensile strength and bright colors that have been pressure dyed for color consistency that stays true through epoxy finish and outlasts the Sun’s UV rays.

2. Red, White, and Blue Marbling with Spiral Wrap

Uploaded by Jim Trelikes

There’s marbling, then there’s American marbling. This example adds a sharp spiral wrap over some red, white, and blue marbling for an awesome finished effect.

Marbling Kits give you everything you need in one bundle for a simple application. Marbling creates a unique effect that looks awesome on any custom fishing rod.

3. Color Change Fade Thread Wrap

Uploaded by Zombie

This color change fading thread wrap looks great, but adding the words “These Colors Don’t Run” over the American flag threads, pure patriotic genius.

4. Custom Rod Skin and Thread

Uploaded by thane

Using the American flag from Rod Skinz, this custom fishing rod adds metallic thread wraps and a wooden fore grip to create a classic look and an even better feel.

5. Custom Thread with American Flag Decals

Uploaded by Nuno Paulino

Pairing Custom Decals and American flag thread wraps, this custom fishing rod was made with one thing in mind, freedom.

6. Iron Cross Thread Wrap

Uploaded by Zombie

Iron cross thread wraps look excellent on the water and this example is even better in red, white, and blue. Use ProWrap ColorFast for rod winding thread that’s made to last!

7. Red, White, and Blue Marbling

Uploaded by Zombie

This is another awesome example of combining thread wraps with custom marbling for an incredible effect while fishing offshore.

8. Bald Eagle and American Flag Thread Weaving

Uploaded by Zombie

There’s thread weaving and then there’s weaving the two strongest symbols of freedom, the eagle and the flag of the United States of America, right on your custom fishing rod.

9. Custom Red, White, and Blue Spiral Thread Wrap

Uploaded by Marco

The possibilities for thread wraps are endless and this custom fishing rod is a great example. Featuring multiple in-lays in an American themed spiral wrap, this thread work shows what a dedicated rod builder can really do.

From winding thread to metallic thread and braid, ProWrap has it all so stock up for your thread work today.

10. Custom American Flag Thread Wrap

Uploaded by hbat065

Classy yet bold, this thread wrap uses gold to outline the American flag pattern featured on the handle. If only fishing made the olympics, this custom rod would be a star worth seeing on the water.

All pictures were taken from www.fishingphotos.net, make an account and upload your custom rods with the hash tag #FishCustom for a chance to be featured next.

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