4 Steps to Fix a Loose Reel Seat

Find out how to repair a loose reel seat and restore the performance of your favorite fishing rods.

How To Remove & Replace Casting Rod Guides

Learn how to remove a broken guide and then correctly replace it to restore overall performance. Don’t miss the step by step video tutorial at the bottom!

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Quick 3 Step Rod Repair with Rod Skinz

Have a favorite rod that’s gotten scuffed or scratched? Repair your favorite rod’s its appearance in 3 quick steps with Rod Skinz and don’t miss the video tutorial at the bottom!

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How To Replace A Tip Top Guide

Replacing a broken tip top is easy.  Just follow these 6 simple steps and you will back to fishing in no time!

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6 Steps to Repair Damaged Ferrules

Fixing a cracked ferrule is not only possible, it’s also rather straightforward. Regardless of the cause, a cracked ferrule can be fixed with the following steps so you can get back to fishing in no time.

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Improving any Fishing Rod and Adding Custom Threadwork

Tune in the Mud Hole’s April 20 Episode of Facebook Live to find out 3 ways to improve any fishing rod, watch an exclusive butt wrap demo, and as always, catch up on all the custom rod building questions in the comments.

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