Build Best Drift Rod for Steelhead Fishing

Steelhead fishing is an exhilarating experience and this is the drift rod recipe is ready for all the action.

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Why Build Beyond the Limits of Factory Rods?

If you’re wondering, why in the world would I build a custom fishing rod?

Well, shopping through seas of the same factory rods only leads to settling for what seems good enough. But in custom rod building, you have all the options and control to build past the limitations of factory rods and assemble an optimized rod engineered for your fishing.

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4 Steps to Fix a Loose Reel Seat

Find out how to repair a loose reel seat and restore the performance of your favorite fishing rods.

6 Steps To Add Magic Marble to Custom Fishing Rods

Learn the easy way to magic marble fishing grips, reel seats, and more for your next rod build.

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Tips for Building Best Heavy Cover Bass Rod

Find out what it takes to build the best, high-performance heavy cover bass rod on this episode of Mud Hole After Hours TV.

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Catch Custom Rod Building’s Best Repair Tips on Mud Hole’s FBL

Rod repair is an important part of custom rod building because it is the best way to fix your favorite fishing rod and save money doing it.

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