Catch Custom Rod Building's Best Repair Tips on Mud Hole's FBL

Rod repair is an important part of custom rod building because it is the best way to fix your favorite fishing rod and save money doing it. Facebook Live from Wednesday March 8 After a Brief Intermission... Repairing your…

Make Guide Spacing Easier Than Ever

There are many ways to space guides in custom rod building, but none are as fast and easy as these CRB Guide Spacing Charts. Whether you have Standard, Performance, or Elite CRB Guides, this chart uses the length of your blank to correctly configure…

Catch the Mighty Benefits of New Micro Rod Kits

The incredibly popular Multi-Option Rod Kits now include micro guides and the many advantages that go with choosing micro. Micro Rod Kits feature these small custom components that bring huge performance to your fishing experience. 7 Benefits…
Micro Rod Guides Are Worth Consideration

Product Review: Micro Guides Worth Consideration

Do micro guides really increase fishing rod performance? This article dives into the specifics, and tries to separate fact from fiction.
Getting To Know Your Fishing Rod Guides

Getting To Know Your Fishing Rod Guides

For those new to rod building, this article explains the basics on commonly used rod guide types with illustrated examples.
Wrapping Your Rod Guides Picture Illustration

Wrapping Your Rod Guides Picture Illustration

These picture illustrations demonstrate the proper way for wrapping rod guides on a new fishing rod blank, or as repairs on an older rod.