Fixing and Enhancing Fly-Fishing Rod Handles

Fly-fishing takes a keen performance that depends as much on patience and focus, as it does on comfort and confidence with your equipment. The wear and tear of fishing causes handle grips to chip or slough over time, but with Winn Overwraps,…

Fish with the Freedom of Fuji's SK2 Reel Seat

The ideal option for minimalist fisherman, Fuji’s SK2 Reel Seat brings one of the most sensitive, lightweight, and versatile reel seats on the market. The skeleton seat construction gives rod builders the ultimate freedom to customize and…

Protect Your Cork Grips With U-40 Cork Seal

When it comes to handle assemblies, cork has long been a popular grip material known to bring a traditional look and feel to any fishing rod. The biggest knock on cork is its tendency to erode, slough, and chip over time however, all these factors…

5 Unique Ways to Use the CRB Power Head

Since rod building is all about creating, enhancing, and repairing your fishing rod, CRB’s Power Head is an irreplaceable asset to any work station. Now with some added ingenuity, this Power Head is far more than just a power wrapper. The…
Repair Your Fishing Rod Handles This Winter

Repair Your Fishing Rod Handles This Winter

This article highlights some common best practices for maintaining or repairing your EVA and cork fishing rod handles and grips.
Introducing The New Winn Fishing Grips

Introducing The New Winn Fishing Grips

The new Winn fishing grips combine technology and performance with the comfort and feel fisherman crave. Finally, something new in fishing grips!