Mud Hole Rod Building Catalog

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Top 5 Reaming Tips For Fishing Rod Handles & Grips

Most reaming mistakes happen when we rush a build, so rod builders consider these helpful reminders for a faster and better fit for your fishing grips.

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4 Steps to Fix a Loose Reel Seat

Find out how to repair a loose reel seat and restore the performance of your favorite fishing rods.

MHX Winn Grips Upgrade Performance, Comfort, and Style

MHX set out to design a new line of grips that could maintain its functional integrity in the face of weather’s harshest conditions. After forming a partnership with Winn and consulting the MHX pro anglers, the grip idea grew to become the high performing MHX WinnDry® Fishing Rod Grips.

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6 Steps To Add Magic Marble to Custom Fishing Rods

Learn the easy way to magic marble fishing grips, reel seats, and more for your next rod build.

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How Rod Building Strengthens Pro Angler’s Family Bond

Find out how John Cox uses custom rod building to increase his winnings on the road and bring his family together at home.

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