Build Best Drift Rod for Steelhead Fishing

Steelhead fishing is an exhilarating experience and this is the drift rod recipe is ready for all the action.

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Why Build Beyond the Limits of Factory Rods?

If you’re wondering, why in the world would I build a custom fishing rod?

Well, shopping through seas of the same factory rods only leads to settling for what seems good enough. But in custom rod building, you have all the options and control to build past the limitations of factory rods and assemble an optimized rod engineered for your fishing.

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3 Rod Building Benefits of the Deflection Tool and Chart

Learn 3 basic benefits of rod building with the CRB deflection tool and chart that bring incredible results to the performance of your custom rods.

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5 Great Ice Fishing Rods for This Coming Season

Check out what it takes to build high-performance ice rods that can hook and handle everything from crappie, bass, and walleye to pike, musky, and anything else lurking under the frozen surface.

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Quick 3 Step Rod Repair with Rod Skinz

Have a favorite rod that’s gotten scuffed or scratched? Repair your favorite rod’s its appearance in 3 quick steps with Rod Skinz and don’t miss the video tutorial at the bottom!

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How to Build a Custom Offshore Fishing Rod

Learn how to dial in a saltwater fishing rod to your offshore application for the best performance and experience out on the water.

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