Mud Hole and MHX Sign FLW Pro Blake Smith

Mud Hole and MHX are pleased to announce a title sponsor partnership for FLW and Redfish Tour Pro Blake Smith!  Want to know more about Blake and our partnership?  Check out this blog post!

Born and raised in Lakeland, Florida, Blake Smith grew up fly fishing with his father. Although Blake enjoyed playing ice hockey, football, and soccer, it was his proximity to great fishing locations and his father’s profession that made fishing his first love.

With his father working as a fishing guide, Blake jokes he never had much choice in the matter and quickly fell in love with the adrenaline of the next big catch. “We used to eat everything,” Smith laughs, “my favorite is snook, which is funny because of its soap fish nickname, but when its filleted correctly there’s a nice chunk of white meat that tastes really great.”

Dual Professional Fisherman, Blake Smith

Despite snook as his favorite fish dish, Blake admits redfish is a close second. This comes as no surprise considering he finished second in 2014’s AOY standings of the Inshore Fishing Associations Redfish Tour. But Blake’s career in fishing didn’t stop there, since then he has joined FLW to become the industry’s only dual professional fisherman in both salt and freshwater.

Smith explains, “the only real difference is the work it takes to prepare, other than that most of the techniques are virtually the same.” Finesse, Blake points out, is a huge part of saltwater fishing that carries over into freshwater. Whether discussing his accuracy casting around docks or flippin’ through waterways like a true Floridian, Blake Smith feels nothing but confidence in his fishing abilities.

Blake Smith wraps the first guide on his new MHX custom fishing rod.

Blake Smith wraps the first guide on his new MHX custom fishing rod.

Faith, Family and Fishing

Blake Smith exudes confidence, not in the arrogant sense, but rather in the sense that his grasp of life and his faith are unwavering. Blake and his wife, Meagan are currently raising three young daughters, but that’s not all. As devout members of the Idols Aside Ministries, an organization that works closely with at-risk youth, Blake and Meagan help mentor youth who have suffered serious losses.

Together with Idols Aside, Blake regularly participates in talks with high school and college students across the nation throughout the FLW Tour. Offering his wisdom and his support, Smith uses his platform as a professional fisherman to ensure youth have the right kind of role model. So far this year, he has made 42 stops across 32,000 miles to speak with and support troubled youth as he competes on the FLW Tour.

Blake admits it can get tough at times, “32,000 miles of everyone’s problems in between fishing can way heavy on my mind,” but also says, “it’s hearing and helping those problems that keep me grounded and focused on the bigger picture.”

What Blake loves most are his family and his faith, so if he can have those and be a professional fisherman too then he’s happy. Blake knows his success comes from preparation, focus, and faith, and for him, that will never change. Acknowledging he would like to win just like everybody else, what makes him so different and special is his understanding of winning. Blake Smith’s beliefs are as steadfast as his fishing skills, “the second it becomes only about winning and money, I’m done.”

Rod Building Partnership

More and more professional fisherman are realizing that building your own custom rods allow you to really dial into your fishing application and technique; ultimately catching more fish.  Mud Hole and MHX are excited about this new partnership, and look forward to working with Blake – who will help evangelize the benefits of building your own custom fishing rod.

As Blake has learned, there is nothing like catching a fish on a rod that your built with your own two hands!