Mud Hole Live at Bassmaster Classic, Featuring Pro Brandon Lester

Check out Mud Hole’s Facebook Live coming to you straight from the Bassmaster Classic and catch the exclusive interview with rod builder and Elite Pro Brandon Lester.

The Classic Episode of Facebook Live from March 23

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Join us for another edition of Facebook Live – here is what we’ll be talking about!

Elite Pro Lester Joins Classic Episode of Facebook Live

Catch Pro Brandon Lester talk about rod building, his Pro Tour Rods, and why each MHX rod is so effective in his fishing applications on this episode of Mud Hole’s Facebook Live. Then, stick around for exclusive coverage of Mud Hole Pro Bradley Roy’s first Classic as well as a preview of the Mud Hole Booth—#2536 including rod building demos, a chance to meet the Pros, and great giveaways every day.

When talking about custom rod building, Pro Brandon Lester appreciates the advanced knowledge that comes with the craft as well as the enhanced performance of the rods he builds. You see rod building isn’t just for the aesthetics, it’s more about tactically planning and building the best fishing rod for your intended application.

For instance, each of Brandon Lester’s Pro Tour Rods are built for a specific purpose in fishing. Whether skipping wacky rigs under docks, maximizing a crankbait’s efficiency, or just crushing crappie, Brandon Lester has assembled the perfect high-performance fishing rods for each application.

Pro Brandon Lester finds the advantages of custom rod building with MHX blanks are impossible to beat.

Pro Brandon Lester finds the advantages of custom rod building with MHX blanks are impossible to beat.

In rod building, customization can go beyond labels to achieve better fishing rods. Brandon Lester’s ST1023F 8’6” Spinning Rod is a great example because although it’s technically built on the MHX Steelhead Blank, it makes one mean bass rod when throwing crankbaits.

For more on Lester’s ST1023 8’6” Spinning Rod, check out our blog!

Another reason Lester loves rod building is the ability to assemble custom rods designed and developed for fishing applications, locations, or even specific species. For Mud Hole Pro Brandon Lester, this means when he’s not competing and catching bass, you can find him shootin’ docks for crappie in his home state of Tennessee.

Brandon Lester’s S721 6’0” Crappie Spinning Rod is literally built for hooking crappie and then flexing to always win the fight. Backed by its ultra-light power and mod-fast action, Lester’s Crappie Spinning Rod is engineered exclusively for catching crappie. As Brandon explains, “the best part of crappie fishing is eating ‘em, so this rod’s performance is perfect because it keeps my box and my belly full.”

Catch more of Brandon Lester’s Custom Crappie Rod in our blog…

Therein lies the ultimate benefit of custom rod building. As great as custom rods can look, it’s all about the performance. In other words, testing and tweaking a fishing rod until you have the best rod is the only way to get the ultimate performance and at Mud Hole, it’s what we are all about.

Don’t Miss Mud Hole Live or Our Booth at the Classic

While featuring Elite Pro Brandon Lester, Mud Hole’s Facebook Live show will also cover the Classic experience and preview fellow Pro Bradley Roy’s road to his first Classic.

Bassmaster Elite Pros Brandon Lester and Bradley Roy cruising in the signature Mud Hole blue.

Bassmaster Elite Pros Brandon Lester and Bradley Roy cruising in the signature Mud Hole blue.

Rod builders, anglers, and fans alike will definitely need to look for the Mud Hole’s custom rod building booth. In the Mud Hole booth, you’ll find detailed rod building demos, Pro Tour Rod Kit giveaways, the best MHX bass blanks, Pro Anglers signing autographs, and much more.

Needless to say, you won’t want to miss this Facebook Live Show or Mud Hole’s custom rod building booth at this year’s Bassmaster Classic!