John Cox: Building a Champion

John Cox and custom rod building are a match destined for championships. With the Forrest Wood Cup already under his belt, John Cox talks about how meeting Mud Hole, building custom rods, and fishing with the custom confidence changed his life.

John Cox’s Journey With Custom Rod Building

John Cox joined the FLW Tour in 2011, but he didn’t discover custom rod building until 2015. Coincidence or not, Cox won the Forrest Wood Cup in 2016 with help of his custom fishing rods.

This is his story.  You can read and watch each of the four part series using these links, or scroll down to the very end to watch the entire video.

Part 1:  John Cox Talks Custom Rod Building and Repair

Before custom rod building, John Cox broke countless rods flippin’ his way through the creeks of Florida, but with no knowledge of rod repair, he couldn’t fix one. Trashing rods that could be repaired to catch fish, Cox knew there must be another way. Soon he found Mud Hole Custom Tackle and the rest is history.

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Part 2:  Custom Fishing with John Cox, Friends, and Family

From chasing fish up Florida’s creeks with friends to catching bass across the nation with his diapered daughters, the FLW origin story of John Cox is quite the tale. For John Cox, the path to Forrest Wood Cup Champion was forged through friendship, fatherhood, and custom rod building.

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Part 3:  John Cox Finds the Custom Confidence

Growing up as a sight fisherman, John Cox always had the fishing knowledge and techniques, but he needed to create his fishing rods to get the job done consistently on FLW’s Tour. Custom Rod Building and repair keep John Cox competitive, find out how each shaped his journey from casual fisherman to FLW’s Custom fisherman and Forrest Wood Cup Champion.

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Part 4:  John Cox, the Forrest Wood Cup Champion

The 2016 FLW Tour was one for the record books as far as John Cox is concerned. Capturing wins at both Hartwell and Wheeler Lake, Cox talks about how he won the Forrest Wood Cup and why his custom frog rod helped him do it.

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