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Mud Hole’s New Social Media Caption Contests

Caption contests are a fun way to interact with fellow rod builders and so far in 2018, the competition has been incredible.

From hilarious answers to downright gut busters, these captions have brought customers and company closer together for a real hoot.

Mud Hole has opened up the floor for rod builders everywhere and we can’t wait to hear from you!

Mud Hole Caption Contest—Jan 24, 2018

The Contest WINNER!

Caption Contest: Honorable Mentions

  • “Make your first rod build ‘bear-able’ by getting everything you need to do the job right at Mudhole.com!” -Scott Larson
  • “Do bears wrap in the woods?”-David Sandefur
  • “Custom built Mud Hole fishing rods-even Mother Nature knows you do it better.” -Tim Berg
  • “Mud Hole-rod building made so easy… A bear could do it!” -Peter Anthony

Mud Hole Caption Contest—Jan 31, 2018

The Contest WINNER!

Caption Contest: Honorable Mentions

  • “Heads down, bottoms up, got that bass with Mud Hole luck!” -Daniel Rushing
  • “When you called in sick and your buddy trys to post a picture on Facebook.” -Danny Vance
  • “To catch the bass, first you must become the bass.” -Jakob Harrap
  • “I’m head over heels in love with those Mud Hole rods.” -Randy Livingston

Mud Hole Caption Contest—Feb 7, 2018

The Contest WINNER!

Why Join the Next Caption Contest?

Free money!

That’s the simple answer, but it’s also the truth.

All it takes to enter is to submit a caption that adds to the provided picture on our social media accounts. Then just check back the following week to see if you are the winner.

Free to Play, Easy to Win

The caption contest is a fun, easy way to win a gift certificate to Mud Hole so look out for all the excitement on our Facebook and Instagram!

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