4 Steps for Rapid Reduction Spinning Guide Layouts

Learn 4 simple steps for setting up a rapid reduction guide layout on your custom fishing rod.

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6 Steps to Remove and Replace EVA Fishing Grips

Check out Mud Hole’s 6 simple steps to remove and replace worn EVA grips over the butt end of your fishing rod.

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How to Shape EVA Fishing Grips

Find out the easy way to shape custom EVA grips for your next fishing rod.

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4 Thread Tricks for Nylon Guide Wraps

Learn 4 quick tricks for awesome guide wraps using nylon thread.

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Top 5 Reaming Tips For Fishing Rod Handles & Grips

Most reaming mistakes happen when we rush a build, so rod builders consider these helpful reminders for a faster and better fit for your fishing grips.

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4 Steps to Fix a Loose Reel Seat

Find out how to repair a loose reel seat and restore the performance of your favorite fishing rods.