T-Shirts For Rod Builders

Custom T-Shirts For Rod Builders

Rod Builders, here is your chance to advertise your services on the water, at home, or out on the town with these stylish new customizable t-shirts!

We have just updated our custom T-Shirt selections with:

New Designs
New Colors
No Minimums

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Mud Hole CRB Pigments To Apply Marbling Epoxy Finish

Using CRB Pigments To Apply Marbling Epoxy Finish

Custom rod marbling is one of the hottest new techniques rod builders are using to create stunning works of functional art.

The basic premise is to mix an ultra-concentrated marbling pigment with an epoxy finish – then swirl and drag the mixture in varying patterns on butt wraps and guide wraps.

Marbling is a fun, easy and unique way of customizing your fishing rods and can be learned by anyone in a few short minutes.

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Trim Band Instructions That Make Your Rod Pop

Trim Band Instructions That Make Your Rod Pop

Trim wraps are a decorative thread pattern typically used around the edges of your guide wraps.

Ideally, you would use a contrasting nylon thread or metallic thread for this.  For example, if you are using black guide wrap, then you may choose a red or gold thread for your trim wrap.

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Team Color Jersey Skinz Decorative Wraps

Team Jersey Skinz Decorative Wraps

With Mud Hole’s new Jersey Skinz™ it will be a tailgate party in your rod locker, and offer a quick and simple way to add your favorite team colors to your custom rod.

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Micro Rod Guides Are Worth Consideration

Product Review: Micro Guides Worth Consideration

Custom rod builders have been using, and debating, micro guides for several years.  Once rare, these small rod guides are now more widespread than ever before, but is there good reason to use them?

The short answer is yes, micro guides can improve your rod performance, if used in the right fishing application.

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Product Review MHX High-Mod Rod Blanks

Product Review for MHX High-Mod Rods

Before we dive into the MHX High-Mod products, let’s take a few minutes and go over what High-Mods are.

As we know, there are many options to consider when buying a fishing rod blank.  Some of the first things fisherman and rod builders should think about are:

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