Guide Placement with Static Deflection

Guide placement is always something that tends to come with a learning curve. Luckily, we at Mud Hole try to make it as easy as possible by provided recommended spacing on our rod building kits or now even on the back of our new CRB Guide kit…

$1,500 Facebook Photo Contest Giveaway!

Announcing Mud Hole Custom Tackle’s photo contest giveaway! Starting this month (September) and running through December 1st Mud Hole will give away a $100 gift card each week, for 15 weeks! To help cure a case of the Mondays, we will…

9 Brand New Turnkey Kits

About a year ago, in an effort to introduce rod building to brand new builders, Mud Hole decided to introduce a Turn Key option into our already popular kits. With a 200+ page catalog and a seemingly endless website full of tools, components…

Top 3 MAG Extra Fast Blanks

With the MAG Taper blanks from MHX being such a huge success, they have built on that momentum to bring the Extra Fast action into that Mag Taper lineup.  Now, when people talk about extra fast, it’s a very wide range between manufactures.…

Top 3 Mag Taper Blanks by MHX

Is there anything more satisfying than having a big largemouth blowup on a frog and you grit your teeth and set the hook with all your might? Enter the Mag Taper series from MHX. As the name states, this taper is designed for magnum power…
Exampe of a Finished Trim Band

Create Your Own Custom Trim Bands in 9 Easy Steps

In this article article, we discuss 9 easy steps to create your own custom trim bands, including step-by-step photo illustrations.