Catch $2,000 in Prizes From This Great Giveaway!

Contest concluded!  We appreciate everyone who entered Mud Hole’s Preference Center Contest.  Our goal is to deliver material and promotions that our customers want most, and updating your preferences will help ensure you get the content you want.  Check out the winners below – and check your inbox to see if you have won!

Winners Announced

$500 Grand Prize Winner
Richard M – NJ

$100 Winners
Michael M – FL
Bradley A – ID
Arnaud D – LA
Scott B – NJ
Bobby V – TX

$50 Winners
Mike W – NY
David T – VA
Ron M – AL
Steve R – OR
Allan B – MA
Todd L – SC
Anthony P – OH
Allen P – CA
John W – PA
Jose V – TX

$25 Winners
Gary L – NE
Charles P – KY
Peter A – MA
Darrell A – GA
Daniel H – ID
Justin B – TN
John W – WA
Jarred H – GA
Harold B – IL
Heriberto T – CA
James H – NY
James H – ID
John Z – CT
Joshua S – TX
Steven K – KY
Keith R – LA
Dean L – NJ
Richard P – CA
Lee B – CO
Dave H – QLD

Winners are contacted by email. Prizes are Mud Hole Gift Certificates. Full names not provided for privacy.

The following is how the contest worked:

How to Enter in 4 Simple Steps:

1. Just go to our Newsletter Preference Center.
2. Enter Your Email Address.
3. At a minimum, you must update the Rod Building Background and Your Interests sections.
4. Then hit the Submit button and you are entered to win!

$2,000 in total prizes were awarded as follows:

  • 1 Grand Prize Winner will get $500
  • 5 Winners will get $100 each
  • 10 Winners will get $50 each
  • 20 Winners will get $25 each

*All Prizes Offered As Mud Hole Gift Certificates

Turning your preferences into real products is really that simple! Just update at least your Rod Building Background and Your Interests, then you have a chance to win big with Mud Hole’s Gift Certificates.

The Preference Center Contest is the easiest way to win great value at Mud Hole, but hurry, you must have your Preferences updated by end of February 2017.

Winners will be announced Thursday, March 2nd!

Note:  Winners will be notified by the email address they submit, so please be sure to enter accurate email addresses.

Note: If you already updated your Rod Building Background and Your Interests sections—YOU ARE ALREADY ENTERED TO WIN!